Our Story



Imagine your world infused with beauty and inspiration, your home filled with refined, tasteful things. Imagine a life in which you are connected to the things you use and the people who created them, free from mass-marketed, machine-made goods. A world where art not only lives in museums and behind glass, but also has form and function in your daily life. A world where you cherish the inspiration behind the art as much as the piece itself.

Not long ago, a skilled and savvy fashion director had a chance meeting with a celebrated artist and together they dared to look at the spaces that surround us in a different way. Elizabeth and Maren created Prosper Design Studio with the vision of making art accessible and functional to everyone. Their pieces are adorned with the inspiration behind the image but the ultimate sign of success is the enjoyment the pieces create within your own home. 

Art is off the walls; ideas are all out on the table.



Elizabeth Wood – Owner/Chief Executive Officer

A recent transplant from Los Angeles, Elizabeth found herself in Sacramento after following her husband who moved home to learn the family business. Having spent a decade in the fashion industry, she wondered what her next career would be. By the age of 27, Elizabeth was an executive at a contemporary apparel company as director of sales & operations. She traveled the world setting up distributors and managing a domestic sales team that brought in over 30 million in sales. As fate would have it, the economy took a hit when Elizabeth met her husband. She moved to Sacramento and started a luxury apparel consignment business and settled into life. When Elizabeth met Maren in 2013, she knew she could use her skill set to help Maren make her art more accessible to people. They formed Prosper Design Studio,LLC in 2014 with Elizabeth focusing on the business side and Maren focusing on the creative side. 


Maren Conrad – Owner/Chief Creative Officer

Maren  is one of Northern California’s most promising visual artists. Inspired by the concepts of loss and renewal, Conrad creates visual metaphors that express the collective truths learned from these shared human experiences.  Composed of paint and metal-leaf between multiple layers of resin, her work creates a visually complex and multi-dimensional experience that establishes a distinct and lasting connection with her audience. Working largely on a commission basis from her private studio in Sacramento, CA, Maren has successfully placed her work in both commercial and residential spaces throughout California and even as far as Tel Aviv. Additionally, she is the artist-in-residence for The Andaz Napa, the Hyatt Hotel celebrated boutique-hotel network.  Locally, she was chosen as the first solo-artist to be featured at Sacramento’s Crocker Museum Art Mix in 2012, where she continues to be a popular guest lecturer and teacher in the museum’s education programs. Her work has received broad media coverage in USA Today, UK Yahoo homepage, Forbes, the Associated Press and San Francisco Magazine’s Power Issue December 2013.  She was also the first featured artist in Golf & Lifestyle magazine September 2013.